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Save Money

 As the world’s first billionaire, John Rockefeller said, save the money, find the place where you can find cheap prices. We can offer you cheap and high-quality service. Quality means doing something right, even when no one looks at you – Henry Ford.

Product safety and free movement code of Georgia obliges us to place the safe product on the market. The safety is ensured by the technical regulations or standards. In compliance with these requirements, we offer you high quality products at competitive prices. 



The best offer from our company!

 GEO ELECTRIC – the leader of the market in the field of energy and information technologies. We offer you optimized, coordinated systems and solutions for private, commercial and industrial construction facilities.  

KNX is the most progressive concept in relation of human and space, when in the automated mode, taking into consideration internal and external conditions, all engineering systems and operating principles of the electrical equipment are developed and improved. Where the customer determines which equipment they choose, where to deploy them, what tasks to set and how to perform regarding these tasks. At the same time, we offer SLV CONTROL systems for already renovated houses. 

Our highly qualified staff and products of Austrian brands Schrack-technik and Schrack-seconet gives us possibility to provide service of installing and managing electricity supply, lighting, microclimate (heating, ventilation, condensation), security and monitoring systems, by using abovementioned technologies, which ensures your safety and efficient spending of energy resources.    


Your reliable partner

We are competent and reliable partner for electrical stores and traders, for builders, engineers and technical personnel, projectors, architects, designers of planting up the landscape and decorative greenery, interior and exterior designers, designers of internal and external lighting and individual customers.          



Prevention for our safety

In addition to ensuring electricity supply and distribution, installing and operating safely low current systems and fire alarm systems, depending on the environmental factors, it is necessary to use lightning protection and grounding systems. The most important condition while projecting lightning protection systems is the coherent conception. Together with the world market leader, American company ERICO, we offer you the concept, project and product of active lightning protection and grounding systems designed for individual customer.